My latest released songs!

I recently released new songs. Under are the links to those i made a music video of.

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"Sommerfuggel i vinterland" MIN VERSJON:

Norway is a country that gave me a lot but it has taken a lot from me as well and sometimes i wonder if the exchange was fair. This song has been very comforting and i always had my own personalized way of singing it and just for the fun of it, i recorded my own version. I hope you will like it and my gratitude goes to Halvdan Sivertsen for being a channel for a song that voices the hope of people like me who always felt just like he wrote, a "Sommerfuggel i vinterland/ Butterfly in Winterland".

"Always be kind (to foreigners) for everyone is fighting a hard battle!" - Plato

Gracefully yours,

Grace :-)


I have one child. One daughter. It's not because it's my child but i could truly write a book of praises about her. She is truly a great & beautiful Spirit! Even though i deeply and totally love her, living in Norway had become so painful that i wanted to escape my pain by moving back to Africa. But in the uncertainty of the wiseness of my decision, i knew one thing for sure which is to respect the fact that Norway is her country. I knew i should never take her away from her family, friends, and her life in Norway.

This is the story behind this song dedicated to my only child. When i decided to move back to Africa, i wanted her to know that when she misses me and wants to see me, she could always find me in her inner Africa. Africa, a state of mind or everything i taught her about the African culture; kindness, generosity, hospitality, and bravery.

I purposely made it in an African rhythm to make her dance and to remind her to always be Joyful.

My beloved daughter, i bless you in all eternity!

Grace & Joy are upon you! Always!

mama Grace :-)


READY TO BE POWERFUL: That moment when someone stops agreeing to things that insult their Being! That feeling when someone comes to the realization "This can't be right. I can't let this happen. If not me, who? There must be a better way to treat Mankind and to share the World's resources which belong to us all"

READY TO BE POWERFUL! That moment of an inner decision to be and to bring a contribution to a fair and free world and humbly ask Life: "Help me to be truly helpful, I do not know how". That moment when someone is ready to be a powerful contribution to the protection of children, to the respect of the integrity of our bodies, and our birth-given right to freedom. That moment when someone knows she/he has to answer the call to be a hero now but doesn't know the path yet but nonetheless tells the Power of Life, "You are always ready and now i am ready too. Fill me, send me, for i am ready to be a powerful contribution to the healing of our minds and world. Help me to cast away all lies and manipulations that prevent me to access all my potential."

READY TO BE POWERFUL! That moment of choice for not being a puppet that has no control over its own body and to whom even natural breathing becomes a crime.

READY TO BE POWERFUL is also that moment of decision when someone is ready to re-establish the truth which is, we the people are the leader and governments are the servants! "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. When the people fear the government there's tyranny. When the government fears the people, there's liberty."

Petrol, diesel, electricity and food prices, mandatory vaccines, media and censorships of information, etc. Things are very alarming and upside-down and Living men and women are called to be heroes now to bring back this world, which belongs to all of us, to a Divine Right Order, and in that Order, WE ARE and WE HAVE everything!

Be a hero! Now!


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